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The Yamaha Superjet
1) As a signature product:

Part of the Yamaha Waverunner family, the Superjet is the best selling "stand up" personal watercraft in history.

It was introduced to the market in 1990, and has since earned itself a legendary reputation...

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2) In Aviation:

Would you want to fly on a 1000 passenger jet?

The European aircraft maker Airbus has openly flagged the idea that one day up to 1000 passengers could be squeezed into its A380 super-jumbo. Read about it here.
The Airbus Superjet is a marvel of flying technology...
Hey Jet Fighters!

Check out the super fast, super wild, SOUTH GEORGIA JETS 2011 R/C TURBINE JET SHOW VIDEO ON U-TUBE now!

See whats on the cutting edge of aviation design...
Super Jet is a horse!
3) As a Racehorse:

There's a few beautiful horses named Superjet... they must be fast!

- Learn about the lineage of the beautiful 2006 foal Fear's Super jet!

- The grey filly named Super Jet is in training and winning races...
Check out her bloodline here...
4) As a Car:

1953 Hudson Super Jet Coupe!

Collectors special
A Chicago classic car...
Learn about its fascinating history...

Why settle for anything less than a SUPERJET?